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Do you dream of seeing your words come alive on the screen? Is your imagination brimming with epic tales, unforgettable characters, and worlds waiting to be explored? If so, then a Writing for Film & TV degree from The Los Angeles Film School could be your perfect launchpad.

Here’s a glimpse of your Writing for Film & TV curriculum:

  • Story Structure: Build the foundation for compelling narratives, understanding plot points, character arcs, and emotional impact.
  • Writing an Outline: Craft a roadmap for your screenplay, ensuring a clear and engaging story flow.
  • Character Creation: Breathe life into your characters, developing their personalities, motivations, and unique voices.
  • Dialogue Writing: Master the art of crafting natural, impactful dialogue that drives the story forward.
  • Action Line Writing: Paint vivid pictures with words, transporting audiences into your story’s world.
  • Immersive Storytelling: Explore techniques like world-building, sensory details, and emotional resonance.
  • Pitching: Learn how to confidently present your ideas, captivating potential collaborators and securing your next project.
  • Professional Branding & Career Prep: Develop your personal brand and network with industry professionals.

Your Writing for Film & TV TechKit®:

Embark on your online storytelling journey with a TechKit, designed to equip you with the essential tools to bring your screenplays to life. This streamlined bundle provides the foundation you need to write captivating scripts for film and television, regardless of location.

Hardware for Seamless Writing:
  • MacBook Pro: Experience powerful performance and stunning visuals on a portable device, allowing you to write anywhere, anytime.
  • Connectivity Hub: Connect external devices like monitors or storage drives with ease.
Software Suite to Fuel Your Narrative:
  • Final Draft: Create professional-looking screenplays with industry-standard software, optimized for online learning through ECode access.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud (Optional): Elevate your storytelling by exploring additional tools for pre-production, character design, and storyboarding (available as a separate subscription).
  • MS Office: Manage your projects effectively with essential productivity software for collaboration, script revision tracking, and character development notes.
*The specific types of equipment and their details included in our TechKits may change without prior notice. To ensure you receive the most accurate information about the current TechKit specifications, please confirm the details with your Admissions Representative.


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Did you know? Oscar®-winning sound designer Phillip Bladh started his journey right here. Join our legacy of alumni who have worked on Oscar®-winning films, GRAMMY®-nominated albums, and multi-platinum records.

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