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Ready to lead the charge in the ever-evolving entertainment industry? Fuel your entrepreneurial spirit with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Entertainment Business at The Los Angeles Film School. Dive deep into the business intricacies of the entertainment industry, learning how to strategize, innovate, and lead from behind the scenes.

Explore the options that best suit you: immerse yourself in the vibrant Los Angeles campus or study entirely online from the comfort of your own space. With this dynamic degree, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills needed to shape the future of entertainment.

If you already have your associate degree, you can enroll in one of our completion programs and get a Bachelor’s Degree in just 18 months.

Depending on which path you choose, you’ll take classes in entertainment marketing & advertising, the art of the pitch, data analysis & reporting, digital media distribution, brand development, A&R for the music industry, entertainment communications & PR, global business, music publishing, intellectual property, artist management, venture capital and finance and so much more!

The Student Experience

Both our on-campus and online degrees give you the business and management tools needed to soar in the entertainment world.

Our campus on Sunset Boulevard is in the middle of the mix. Surrounded by studios like Netflix and Paramount, you’ll get your head around all aspects of entertainment business: finance, legalities and the interpersonal skills needed to make your mark in the industry.

With our 100% online option you can pick a focus on either Music Business or Entertainment Business. Our Music Business option will get you building music brands and making concert tours a reality, whilst our Entertainment Business option will give you all the inside info on the inner workings of the industry.

Entertainment Business TechKit®

Your Entertainment Business Techkit®

Ready to navigate the dynamic world of entertainment business? Our Essential TechKit equips you with the foundational tools you need to excel in this exciting field.

Hardware to Drive Your Success:
  • MacBook Pro: Experience a powerful and portable device for managing projects, creating presentations, and staying connected.

Software to Elevate Your Skills:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud: Access industry-standard applications for graphic design, video editing, and visual communication, essential for crafting compelling marketing materials and presentations.
  • MS Office: Master essential productivity tools like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, vital for effective communication, collaboration, and data analysis in the business world.

*The specific types of equipment and their details included in our TechKits may change without prior notice. To ensure you receive the most accurate information about the current TechKit specifications, please confirm the details with your Admissions Representative.
*Students in the completion degree programs do not receive a techkit.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

We understand that higher education is an investment, and we’re committed to helping you navigate your options. Financial Aid is available to those who qualify, and can include federal and private student loans, military benefits, grants and scholarships. Our dedicated Financial Aid team can help guide you through the process.

Success Stories

Wondering where a degree from The Los Angeles Film School can take you?

At The Los Angeles Film School, our committed Career Development team doesn’t just guide you, they champion you. From resume writing and interview prep to internships and industry connections, we’re with you every step of the way, helping you navigate the exciting and challenging path to success.

Did you know? Oscar®-winning sound designer Phillip Bladh started his journey right here. Join our legacy of alumni who have worked on Oscar®-winning films, GRAMMY®-nominated albums, and multi-platinum records.

Ready to take that first step? Fill out the form and discover more about our career support, the incredible success stories of our alumni, and how your journey in the entertainment industry starts right here.

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