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Audio Production

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Whether you want to engineer hit tracks, master the audio behind games or make live music sound out of this world, at The Los Angeles Recording School, a division of The L.A. Film School, we can help set you on your path.

The Student Experience

On-campus or online, we’ve got you covered. You can get a Bachelor of Science or an Associate degree either at our Hollywood campus or 100% online.

Our immersive degree programs will amplify your skills in audio engineering, sound design, post-production, live event production and more.

On Campus

As a campus student, you’ll train in a professional recording studio environment on our analog and digital consoles like our API 1608 analog console, the Neve Genesys Black, the Avid S6 console, and our largest analog console, a 48-channel Solid State Logic Duality. You’ll receive advanced training in audio engineering, sound design, and more, developing an advanced understanding of analog console signal flow, multitrack operation, microphone technology, and a myriad of other skills that will serve as the foundation of a successful future in the entertainment media industry.


As an online student, your virtual campus will be our online learning management system.  Here, you’ll attend classes, submit projects, and connect with like-minded students. You will also study acoustics and studio design, learning fundamental acoustic and electronic concepts for home studios. This includes mastering speaker placement, acoustic design, cabling, connectors, and studio electrical wiring—equipping you with the skills to build your own home studio if you choose!

Learn Pro Tools

In our Pro Tools courses, you’ll learn about the digital audio workstation (DAW) environment by exploring digital audio concepts and workflow practices. You’ll receive both instruction and hands-on practical experience with computer-based recording systems, which are widely used in professional recording studios.

Featured Classes

Audio For Media

This course provides an introduction to creating and recording audio elements for film, television, and video games. Key topics include field and production recording, sound-effect design, Foley recording, dialogue recording and editing, automated dialogue replacement (ADR), music editing, and mixing to synchronize with visual content.

Mixing Concepts & Techniques

This course covers industry-standard mixing and mastering techniques tailored for the digital audio workstation (DAW) environment. Topics include the use of mixing templates, signal processors, time-based effects, automation, and the implementation of strategies for both mixing and mastering.

Live Sound Production

In this course, students are introduced to the design and application of live sound reinforcement systems. The curriculum delves into the principles of live sound production, covering both large and small venues, along with corporate event production. You’ll gain knowledge in system construction, acoustics, equalization, and live mixing.

Student TechKits®

You need the tech to match your studies. You’ll get a MacBook Pro loaded with Logic Pro XPro ToolsAbleton Live as well as a professional mic and stand, headphones and external hard drive.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Financial Aid is available to those who qualify and can include federal and private student loans, military benefits, grants and scholarships. To learn more about your options for paying tuition, fill out the form and an admissions representative will contact you.

Success Stories

Wondering where a degree from The Los Angeles Recording School can take you?

Did you know our first alumni to win an Oscar®, Phillip Bladh, was an audio student here? How about Andrés Borda-Zabala, a six-time Latin GRAMMY winner?

Our dedicated Career Development team will support and guide you through your journey, offering assistance and resources to support you as you navigate the challenging path to create and sustain a successful career.

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