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Animation – Character Design

Want to bring your characters to life? Our online Animation Program focuses on the principles of animation, blending technical proficiency with creative development. You’ll learn the character animation process step-by-step, from muscle movements to animated character expressions. This concentration teaches you how rigging helps create impressive character motions as well as how to build epic battle scenes from the ground up.

You’ll Take Classes in:

Acting for Animators: Experiment with traditional acting to better animate your characters. This course teaches body mechanics and challenges students to bridge their acting abilities with the characters they animate.

Character Rigging: Explore advanced rigging techniques to enforce the importance of weighting methods and distort models organically. Students learn to integrate their rigs into a production pipeline.

Animation for Games: Build animation cycles for a game character and an environment prop. Students advance to integrating custom cycles into a game engine to visualize how their character moves in real time.

Student TechKit®

Successful Animators need powerful tools. Create complex designs with ease using our high-quality animation software. We prepare students to develop the techniques and strategies needed to generate dynamic imagery, realistic visual effects and much more. Your animation TechKit includes: Adobe Creative Cloud, Maya, Substance painter, Toonboom, Wacom Cintiq, Zbrush.*

Alumni Success

Our alumni have worked on award-winning productions in film, TV, music, animation and have worked for major studios like Marvel, Disney, DreamWorks, NBC and more.  From Oscar® nominations to VMA® wins, everyone’s path to success is different. What will yours be?

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Financial Aid is available to those who qualify and can include federal and private student loans, military benefits, grants and scholarships. To learn more about your options for paying tuition, fill out the form and an admissions representative will contact you.

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Financial Aid and Military Benefits available to those who qualify.