Communicate visually

Graphic Design is about communicating designs through visual content. Designers use type, photos and other images as visual language. In our online Bachelor of Science Degree program learn how to develop visual concepts and create effective, exciting user experiences.

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it’s a great time to be creative

Graphic Design is a broad discipline that includes 2D, 3D and even 4D imagery. You can bring creativity to your work in fun and rewarding ways. Prepare to become a visual innovator, able to create compelling designs that convey ideas using the latest in media and technology.

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21st Century Graphic Design

21st Century Design

If you’ve been to a shopping center, a concert or a movie lately, you’ve probably encountered interactive experience design. More engaging than traditional ads, experience design incorporates moving images, media and the user’s environment for an interactive connection to the design.


Hollywood Graphic Design

Hollywood and Beyond

You may be learning online, but you’re learning from a school with its roots based in the Entertainment Capital of the World. Design is everything when it comes to marketing Hollywood’s next blockbuster, designing the title sequence to TV’s biggest show or promoting a prestigious awards ceremony.


Concepts in Graphic Design

From Concepts to Visuals

The fancy term is “concept ideation” which means developing an idea and how to convey its message in a clear and creative way. The creative process includes many stages of ideation, such a brainstorming, innovating, concept development and actualization– all of which you’ll learn in our program..


our mission, your education

Our accredited 36-month Bachelor of Science degree program is delivered 100% online through our unique Learning Management System. You’ll use this interactive system to view videos and course content, receive and send assignments and participate in discussions with your classmates and instructors. You’ll collaborate with instructors through a live web-based session each week. In addition, instructors are accessible via phone, email and messaging or you can “meet up” during their virtual office hours if you wish to talk face-to-face.

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You’ll receive a Canon Rebel T5 camera bundle in addition to a retina display Macbook laptop loaded with Microsoft Office 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud software, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and more.*

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Los Angeles Film School alumni are doing exciting work.**


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*Laptop and gear info dependent on program and subject to change without notice. Entertainment Business Completer program does not receive a laptop or software.
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